A Tea Lovers Quest

I remember when I started seriously drinking matcha tea, and it was called Tieguanyin. It was really wonderful. It was delicious – really good stuff. I am sure that older people always tell me, I know nothing of the quality of tea in the past, but I still remember that in the 90s Tieguanyin had genuine and pleasant taste and aroma. This specific tea has a reason for its popularity after all.

Then something happened, and all the tea in the market was this really terrible nuclear greens tasting tea which just wasn’t the same. This is now the main trend of The USA- the tea although very green, lacks the body and has rebrew value. Teas these days do not have this deep flavor that has made great Tieguanyin.

In the last two years, but I’m starting to some encouraging signs that people are beginning to take accept the the idea that Oolong should be roasted. I appreciate the  traditional tea method of the bubble producers of Tieguanyin. Using their methods of productionthe taste represents more accurately the flavor I’ve come to love in the past. This is a step in the right direction, and I hope that the preference for more traditional Tieguanyin will make a comeback, and it can only be a good thing. In the meantime, however, the Lipton rules. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose, I suppose?


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