My New Addiction

boba beverageAfter I tried this tea, I loved this drink so much that I just had to tell others about it. Apparently its nothing new in other parts of the globe, but it is fairly new and has just been introduced here in the USA.

Listed below are a couple of recommendations that I follow once I’m drinking bubble tea:

    In case your tea is available in a cup with a sealed top, shake your drink and then insert the straw. This loosens the bubbles as well as evenly distributes flavoring if the store you’re at uses syrup. Bubbles that stick collectively are more difficult to get up into your straw, so it is pleasant to loosen them at the opening when the drink is sealed than to wait.
    Stir your tea. Sounds foolish, nevertheless it’s for the same motive as above mentioned. It also helps you drink your tea and the bubbles will fall to the bottom of the cup.
    It’s a good idea to raise the straw somewhat to get just some of the tea with out the bubbles. This helps facilitate finishing the bubbles and tea at at the same time, or at least helps me manage how fast/slow I drink the tea.
    Take your time, and enjoy your bubble tea. Don’t rush! Benefit from the delicious flavor of your milk tea and take time to bite into the tapioca pearls.


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